Portable Sawmilling and Logging

WoodyOne is located near Warkworth and can travel up to an hour with a portable sawmill. We can mill from Auckland city to Kaiwaka.

We have a portable bandsaw; a Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic which has the capacity to cut logs up to 6 metres in length and up to 900 mm in diameter. This machine creates far less sawdust with a kerf of only 3mm which means you get more timber from your tree.  Another key feature of this type of portable saw mill is its ability to taper saw or level and turn the log which means we can fully quarter saw your logs. This is particularly helpful with many Eucalyptus, Oaks and other highly rayed [figured] wood types.

Larger tree logs can also be sawed with a little extra effort and our 10-inch Peterson swing blade which is great for bigger logs that are hard to move.

We have a large chainsaw for felling and a 4 wheel drive tractor equipped with a hydraulic winch and front end loader to retrieve your logs. The best time of the year for sawing is when the weather is fine and the ground is firm, but please call us any time to discuss what you want to do.  John Furniss, the Business Owner is available to talk through your portable sawmilling and logging needs and is only a phone call away.

Timber Uses

Turn your timber into a profitable high quality end product or make use of it for your personal needs.

Portable sawmilling reduces the need for heavy machinery making the end to end process easier on the land and surroundings. Timber milled on site can be stacked for easy transportation by a tractor. Avoid the expensive round trips to the mill and get you timber milled on-site!

We can cut your logs for the following suitable applications:

  • Stock yards or fencing
  • Tree protection
  • Retaining wall
  • Garden timber e.g. garden edging, compost bins, raised garden beds, vegetable stakes
  • Chicken coop/rabbit hutch
  • Fire wood storage box
  • Tables/furniture (indoor or outdoor)
  • Joinery
  • Kitchen Bench
  • Cabinetry/door
  • Flooring
  • Decking
  • Cladding
  • Shed/house/building material
  • Treehouse/playhouse/sand pit
  • Art/Garden art
  • Garden feature
  • Musical instruments
  • Trailer decking
  • Sign
  • To replace old timber in boats or older houses
  • As cheap retaining timber for concrete base pours
  • Re-saw old hard wood into new sizes
  • Oversize Timber frames i.e large beams
  • Odd timber sizes not commonly available
  • And any other ideas or uses you have

If you have timber that needs to be ground treated because it isn’t naturally durable (like pine) then you can have it Kiln dried and treated.