Farm Produce

On the pastured area of the Woodlands farm, we run a small herd of Scottish Highland and Highland cross cattle and a small herd of Saanen and Saanen cross milking goats. Stock is for sale at various times of the year and are available on request. If you are interested in buying an animal but don’t have the land, we can graze it here for you until you are ready or it is prime for butchering.

Highland cattle have wonderful hides that when tanned look great as floor rugs.  These cattle grow wonderful long soft coats during Winter which transform into a lovely shaggy rug.  You could even pick an animal that suits your decor if you like!

At this stage we are not able to sell milk from our goats but we are hopeful that we can in future. In the mean time we often have milking goats and /or their female kids for sale as they are surplus to our immediate requirements.  Occasionally we have male kids available for the table also.   The ability to supply live stock depends on numbers at the time, so please contact us if you think you might want some.

We often have surplus doe kids and also generally 2 year old beasts ready for the butcher.  If you are interested in any farm produce please contact us.