About Us

My name is John Furniss (so was my Dad, Granddad and my great Granddad) and WoodyOne is the name I have chosen for the activities that I enjoy doing that combines my passion for trees, ecosystems, noisy toys and craftsmanship.  I am a woodsman who in addition to offering a silviculture  consultancy service (the care and cultivation of forest trees), has over the last 25 years turned a partially planted farmlet (approximately 40 hectares) into a small forest of both native and exotic trees.

Now that’s out of the way, this website is to let you know a bit about WoodyOne and what I can do to help you and to champion the growing of trees for their wood and other virtues (of which there are many!).   I love growing, living among, sawing and making things with wood and while I know quite a bit about it, I know I do not know it all.

I live with my wife Oriel on 40 hectares (100 acres), which is roughly 1/3 pasture 1/3 forest and 1/3 native bush and regenerating bush and reserve. I am a member of the Farm Forestry association of New Zealand and hugely supportive of their efforts to see New Zealand grow more durable and sustainable timber and forest.

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